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Sno-White Drive-In - '60's Dining

Great Food - Car Show - Karaoke Singing - Ice Cream,

Watermellon Shakes, Floats, Prizes and More!

Owner, Daryl Daniel, invites you to come to the Sno-white Drive In in Riverbank at 7:00 PM in September on Wednesdays and enjoy a Wednesday Relax Night with Manny - the Hawaiian Elvis.

M&M Cruisers

The M&M Cruisers are back. Last year at the Riverbank Sno-white Drive In, there were more than 30 classic cars for viewing and at least 80 people enjoyed the Cruisers’ performances. The M&M Cruisers are performers that have been taking part in parades and winning trophies for eight years. The Cruisers’ performances include singing oldies and country – karaoke style.  Love to sing? You’re invited because after the performance, everyone is invited to sing.

Events 2011

Wednesday Relax Night with Manny, the Hawaiian Elvis, will be held in September on all Wednesdays at the Riverbank Sno-white. Entertainment starts at 7:00 PM.

Every Friday Night, starting at 7 pm, the Sno-White Drive In in Riverbank has a Karaoke Car Show Festival.

About Our Menu

Sno-white offers everything from deep fried okra to 50 flavors of milkshakes. Of course, the good old fashioned classic burger, fries, and a drink are #1!  Soft-serve cones (chocolate and vanilla twisted together) dipped in a rich crunchy chocolate give your taste buds a real treat and help cool you off during those hot summer days. Six flavors of freezes, an unlimited number of sundae combinations, and banana splits are summer favorites.

Owners of Local Sno-White Drive-Ins

Partners, Daryl Daniel and Bobbie Spinner, own and operate the Riverbank Sno-white Drive In. They opened the Riverbank Drive-In in 1993 and are proud to say their foods are made-to-order. If you choose to order in advance, call 869-6833 (3442 Atchison St., Riverbank). When you are in Riverbank on a summer's Saturday evening, look for Elvis at Sno-white. You may just find him!

The History of Sno-Whte Drive-Ins

Sno-white Drive In was founded in Stockton by Henry Nelson in the 1950’s. In 1960 Daryl Daniel's father, Ron Daniel, bought a Sno-white. Sno-white was marketed through franchises and grew to 200 stores in California and 2 in Guam. The Sno-whites in California were located in an area from Bakersfield to Chico. In 1963, Ron Daniel and the Setliff Bros. worked together to coordinate the development of the Sno-whites in Stanislaus County. In the beginning, soft-serve ice cream, burgers, fries, and sodas were sold. Later the menu included chicken and appetizers.